Education and Action Together, otherwise known as E.A.T.s is a growing organization based in Springfield, IL. E.A.T. focuses on basic civil rights for the entire human race with the ultimate goal of global equality, unity and peace. The world has been divided by race, financial class, personal representation, religion or lack thereof, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, all of these things often being derived from personal greed and ignorance. There comes a time when those challenges must be addressed and exercised until understanding amongst the people or maturity is reached so personal opinion does not affect another person’s quality of life. We strive to flood all professions with diversity to even out the voice in the world in a way that removes that as an option. Education is truly power and will be used as such. As a leader or follower of this organization the goals can not and will not be lost in translation. We do not minimize anyones hardships out of anger with the severity of our own. We open our ears without judgement or hate to understand all sides of the problem to work toward the necessary growth and change in every human being to dismantle the state of the world today and create the world we all deserve. A world where we can all live without more fear than stepping outside of one's comfort zone. A world that allows pure hard work and dedication to be the only defining factors of personal success. A world that has a clear understanding of right and wrong and will undoubtedly pick the right side and will not leave the wrong uncorrected. A world that does not allow fellow brothers and sisters fight their fight alone because it does not affect every human directly. We work to provide our people with the extra clarity and support needed to improve each person individually not only for individual success but a stronger united front. We do this for equality, we do this for unity, we do this for peace fore we must stand together and evolve far beyond where we have been and where we are. This fire has been lit many times and the torch was put down or put out. We will not stop. We will remain working and growing ourselves as well as our people because life was never meant to be lived stagnantly. We are creating unity and once unity is established we will walk within it to grow and thrive as we should have been, together.

"In a racist society it is not enough to be non-racist, we must be anti-racist." - Angela Y. Davis

Our Mission

We work to fight injustice, end police brutality and educate the people in our communities.


Our Vision

We want to see a more just world and a future in which our children are safe.

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Photographs by Celeste Durham

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